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Fashion Profile: Michelle Kwek

My name is Michelle and I currently work at Singaporean-based fashion label Depression as Retail Executive. I started dressing up after I got my first full-time job about 3 to 4 years ago. Despite being into fashion, I also enjoy things like watching anime/cartoons,... read more

Fashion Profile: Keshia

Keshia  is from a small town in East Java. She does yoga and crochet in her spare time. We fell in love on the uniqueness of her style and yoga post displaying her outfit is one of a kind. Let us get to know Keshia more on our interview. Fashion Profile: Keshia... read more

Fashion Profile: Joeann Ngeow

Beyond beauty, Joeann is an inspiring lady. With her beautiful smile and captivating style. You will truly love her collection of beautiful photography and outfits.  Joeann is a student as well as an actress from Singapore. Fashion Profile: Joeann Ngeow Country:... read more


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Vintage Girl Living In Modern World

I’m Ita Chen. I’m from Bali, Indonesia. I’m 20 years old but sometimes everyone thinks I’m 17. I’m an International Relations Student at Udayana University, Bali. I’ve always been interested in the old times, enjoying and watching old movies. I got seriously fed up...
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Where to find fashion Inspiration?

Are you in your fashion journey and looking for ideas how to gear up to the next level? If you are reading this, I bet you are in someway interested with fashion and styling. Here is the list of places where to find fashion inspiratio

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Brand Center Stage: Ethnique

One glimpse of Ethnique will make you want to have everything. A brand choice that will create a different edge on your daily outfit. Let us get to know Ethnique with our email interview straight from the Founder. Ethnique was established October 2014. Founded by the...
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Fashion love Comfort

Fashion and Comfort are frenemies for a long long long while. We always choose between the two! Remember the skinny jeans, tight-fitting bodycon dress and stilettos are very suffocating.We are now in a generation of freedom in which the world tilt a little bit on the...
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How to develop a sense of style

Fashion is overwhelming and being fashionable is not done overnight. It is a process that we developed through time. We already possess our own sense of style whether it is copied through a magazine or influenced by models or celebrities. We already have an idea of...
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How to build your style?

Numerous influence and social media affect our perception of what we personally like. Do you want to wear what other people are wearing? Honestly, you do. You wanted to copy it perfectly! Sometimes it’s obnoxiously expensive to do so. Then, create your personal...
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Create your personal style

Create your personal style There are several style genre in the book of fashion that it is so hard to categorize each one. Every time you think about a list a new number of classification is being made every single time. How will you categorize yourself then? The...
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Shopping clothes on a budget

SHOPPING CLOTHES ON A BUDGET Shopping clothes on a budget is the most painful thing in the style world. How can we possibly budget on clothes? Kidding aside, Shopping for clothes is my ultimate stress reliever. However, I am not in the position to have a shopping...
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How to create a free blog site?

How to create a free blog site? There are a number of social media platform on where we can place the things that we want to share. As I’ve seen some of the bloggers use Instagram as their easy and fast fashion sharing platform. And gaining thousand and even...
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